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Hallo Levelbauer, Leveldesigner oder einfach nur Kuhfreunde!!!

Hier könnt Ihr neue Level von anderen Mitgliedern der Q-munity downloaden und spielen. Viel Spaß beim Spielen unzähliger Level!!
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 bislang eingetragene Kommentare zu den Leveln von Ammuja
spencer02.09.2004, 12:48Great! Thanks.

meg17.08.2004, 07:41I relly liked this marathon.Hope to see more from you.

Nelke08.08.2004, 17:15One fine Marathon. A little short.

Benedicta07.08.2004, 17:42I liked your marathon, there were some pretty difficult levels.
Hope to see more of that :o)

ammuja07.08.2004, 16:59Sorry about that one, it isn't our fault really. Just the way nature works : rather large polarbear ate all of our reindeers and the elks got scared and swam across the sea to sweden. Cows were only ones left.. Trying to improve next time.. :)

++ Ammuja

PS. Thx, nice you liked

baerwurz07.08.2004, 12:15A very nice marathon :) Sometimes a little bit difficult, but not too heavy. But why you didn't use elks instead of the cows? ;)


Nimmt die Magd die Eier fort, schrei’n die Hennen "Kindermord!!"

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